Beverley was born and raised in Cebu, Philippines in a family of educators and health professionals. She graduated cum laude from Velez College with a Bachelor’s degree in Physical Therapy in 1999. She migrated to the US in 2000 and started working at an out-patient clinic for adults where she treated patients with orthopedic problems and various neuromuscular disorders. She started working in the field of pediatric physical therapy in 2002 through the Early Intervention Program (where she treats and evaluates children with various diagnoses from birth to 3 years old using applicable therapeutic approaches, including but not limited to, Neuro-Developmental Treatment and Sensory Integration to achieve functional outcomes). In 2002, she also started working in a school setting, as an independent contractor physical therapist, at several independent schools in New York City (where she treated and evaluated pre-school and school-age children in the autism spectrum, ADHD, neurodevelopmental delay and developmental coordination disorder.She has also worked part-time at an in-patient hospital setting at Bayonne Medical Center in New Jersey. Starting in 2006, she began working for The NYC Department of Education where she is a senior physical therapisttreating and evaluating children with developmental delays using School Functional Assessment as an evaluation tool. She also attends IEP meetings and PPT meetings as well as collaborates with teachers, paraprofessionals and families regarding intervention strategies during students’ daily routines. Beverley has attended several continuing education workshops and seminars to further her studies and education. Among them are S’cool Moves Workshop; Linking Play to Function: Utilizing NDT and SI Strategies to Facilitate Skill Through Functional Play by Lezlie Adler; Practical Sense in Sensory Integration Part 1 to 3 by Julia Harper; Take Five! An Intro to Alert Program by Carla Cay Williams; Therapeutic Taping as an Adjunct to Physical Therapy by Jacqueline Grimenstein; Combining NDT and Myofascial Elongation by Judith Bierman; Basic and Advanced Concepts of Foot Evaluation and Orthotic Management by Roberta Nole; Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) training and Contemporary Assessment Practices in Pediatric PT by Toby Long. Beverley is passionate about living in New York City and enjoys taking advantage of the endless cultural activities the city has to offer. She loves travel, music and experiencing nature. The best part of her day is of course spending time with her vibrant, full-of-life twin boys.