At PS 527, we are building a school community that includes all students in every aspect of the school day, the curriculum, and the classroom. We celebrate differences amongst all students and staff. Every day, every person who walks within our building learns something new from interacting with others. Diversity, in all its forms, makes the world a better place and better prepares children for the world in which they are growing up.

All children, regardless of family background, socio-economic status, medical history, etc. have strengths and areas of challenge (the same can be said for adults too). The staff at PS 527 works diligently to promote the strengths of each student while addressing the challenges in a thoughtful manner. Some students have challenges that are best addressed through additional educational services. These students and their families have worked with the public school system to develop an Individual Educational Plan (IEP) for the child. This plan affords the child special educational services during the regular school day at their zoned school.

ICT- Integrated Co-Teaching

Our school has one classroom on each grade level that is considered an ICT classroom. This classroom is taught by two head teachers and consists of students without IEP’s and some students with IEP’s that mandate two teachers. The two teachers work with all students and develop a curriculum and instructional plan that addresses the grade-level standards all students need to meet. The other classroom on the grade is not considered an ICT classroom. However, this class will also have some students with IEP’s. These students will receive other services listed below. Teachers work closely with their grade partners and both classes receive the same curriculum and content.



SETSS-Special Education Teacher Support Services

SETSS is considered part-time special education services. In this case, a student may need additional support from a teacher other than their classroom teacher. All of our classrooms have students who need SETSS. SETSS provides the student with direct support and also provides the classroom teachers with indirect support to help the child achieve success with the general education curriculum.


related SErvices

Many students in our school, in all classrooms, have IEP’s for related services only. These services include counseling, speech, occupational therapy, and physical therapy. These students receive these services 1-3 times a week during the school day. The providers will work with the students in other rooms in the building and will also “push in” to the classroom to provide support during instructional time.