Global Studies & Social Action

Global Studies is the teaching of the world – students learn about different people, cultures, places, and events that have shaped our nation’s history and our lives today. A 21st Century scholar understands where we came from and where we are going.

Unfortunately, too many Americans today are unaware of current events, geography, and multi-cultural understanding, hindering their success later in life. PS 527 students will not fall into the category of the “unaware.” Indeed, PS 527 students will be learners today and leaders tomorrow.

In Kindergarten, students learn about Homes and Habitats Around the World. Students will understand how people live, why homes look different based on geography, and why some people do not have homes. Students will also study the Arctic and Rainforest and the different animals that live there.

In First Grade, students will learn about Foods Around the World. Students will learn about specific countries and how different factors influence food choices. We partner with the NY Common Pantry to organize food drives to support those who struggle to put food on the table.

Second graders will focus on the history of New York City and the people and events who have made it the most famous city in the world. Students will explore local issues facing our community and investigate how government and community organizations can work together to help all New Yorkers.

Third graders study different regions of the world, including China, Egypt, and Australia. They learn how we are truly global citizens with many shared customs and traditions.

Fourth graders take a journey through New York State, learning about its geography and resources, as well as the Native Americans who first inhabited our state. Their journey takes them to the colonial times and the American Revolution.

All grades discuss citizenship, community, patriotism, and what it means to be a valuable member of society. Social action projects include partnering with NY Cares and Coalition for the Homeless as well as Kids Saving the Rainforest.