Balanced Literacy

Balanced Literacy is the PS 527 approach to teaching students how to read, write, speak, and listen. Like the name says, we take a balanced approach to the curriculum. This approach allows for greater differentiation and more targeted learning. The PS 527 staff understands that the ability to read and acquire information, understand text, and communicate ideas are hallmarks of an educated child.

Students engage in Word Study and phonics, where they learn about the sounds, letters, and spelling of words. Students listen to teacher-directed Read Alouds, engage in Shared Reading with their peers, and read leveled booked independently in Reading Workshop. Small groups read texts in Guided Reading, allowing the teacher to help the students on their journey. Core Knowledge Literacy is also a component of the lower grade curriculum. This program helps students to engage with complex vocabulary and comprehension skills. Writing Workshop allows students to write about their lives, ideas, and opinions. Throughout the school day, multiple opportunities exist for students to actively listen and then engage in high-level discussions with their peers and teachers.

Literacy instruction is seen in all subjects at PS 527. Our staff understands that reading, writing, listening, and speaking need to be practiced everywhere and that these skills are necessary to create the leaders of tomorrow.