Twegbalee Doumbia (Ms. T) was born and raised in Queens, New York. She enjoyed her upbringing with great diversity among her family and friends. She is first generation American to her Liberian parents who worked diligently to provide a good life for their family of seven. Twegbalee is a wife and mother of two beautiful girls, ages 5 and 6. She currently resides in the Bronx with her family and plans to continue living life to the fullest and enjoying every moment life offers.

Twegbalee attended LaGuardia Community College and received her Associates Degree in Deaf Studies Liberal Arts. Twegbalee has been exposed to the Deaf Culture and American Sign Language through her oldest sister who is Deaf. As a result, she has personal experience with Deaf culture; she is fluent in ASL, and has interpreted for the Deaf and hard of hearing at her church for 7 years.

While at LaGuardia, Twegbalee worked as an ASL tutor and teacher assistant to the beginning ASL classes. Through this opportunity, she discovered she truly enjoyed teaching; however, her passion wasn’t to teach adults but children instead. As she pursued this goal to teach children, she attended Hunter College. During her time at Hunter, she had the privilege of working at PS 527 during the fall semester of 2017. This experience was significant in many ways. For one, the school’s culture was so rich and inviting; she observed and felt it every time she entered the school. The dedication of teachers, unity and approach when working with students was evident at PS 527. She admired that the teachers worked together and students respected them. She experienced a great work environment while working with Mr. Kevin and developed a deeper understanding of how to work effectively as a classroom teacher.

In spring 2019, Twegbalee earned her BA in Early Childhood Education and Sociology. As she continues in the field of education, she understands the importance of learning and teaching children in the beginning years of their lives. Her passion and love for children will contribute to a strong foundation that is developed through the family, teachers and the child.

Twegbalee is excited for the opportunity to be part of this excellent team of educators here at PS 527, and looks forward to making an impact on student’s lives that will support them to be successful in the future. She is motivated to inspire all children she interacts with; she will encourage them to be lifelong learners. She believes that children are unique; they learn in different ways, therefore, meeting them where they are is vital.