Kevin Scott Collins grew up in Medford, NJ and moved to New York City after undergrad. He received his B.A. in Musical Theatre and Dance from Montclair State University. For many years, Kevin danced with several dance companies in New Jersey and New York City, performed in shows in the city, and toured nationally performing in children’s musical theatre. Kevin is an accomplished singer, previously a member of All-Eastern Honors Chorus and the Young People’s Chorus of New York City-Young Adult Choral. Kevin later received his M.A. in Deafness Vocational Counseling from New York University where he became well-versed in American Sign Language. For several years, Kevin worked with the Parks Opportunity Program, through NYC Parks and Recreation, as a vocational counselor and education analyst. Kevin had the realization that where his true passion lay was in education. He attended Hunter College of the City University of New York to study Early Childhood Education. He received his MSEd with honors and was presented with the Most Promising Teacher Researcher Award. Kevin continues to enjoy theatre, dance, and music. He has married a Broadway costume designer. Kevin joined the P. S. 527 Kindergarten team in 2015, after previously teaching kindergarten at a Future Leaders Institute Charter School in Harlem for 2 years. As a teacher, Kevin is a true believer in a child-centered classroom. Kindergarten should be academically rigorous, but also include many occasions for exploration, inquiry, and play. You will find many educational tools in K-B that not only give the children time to play freely, but learn important proficiencies including social skills, storytelling, spatial awareness, negotiation, and experimentation. Kevin uses his joy of music and dance, providing his young students many opportunities to learn academic concepts through song and keep bodies active through movement. There is rarely a dull moment in Mr. Kevin’s classroom!