Katie Griffin was born and raised in Forest Hills, Queens. After obtaining a degree in English literature from St. Francis College in Brooklyn, Katie became a copy editor for a few years. Katie’s mother was a preschool teacher for 25 years, and in her last year as a teacher, an assistant teaching position opened in her school; Katie decided to leave copy editing and work as the assistant teacher in her mother’s preschool classroom.

Katie quickly fell in love with teaching. Each day was an adventure, and it was never boring or monotonous. Katie was inspired by her mother’s teaching: the creativity, passion, acting skills, and her way of reaching each child at their level.

After working as a preschool assistant teacher, Katie pursued and attained a Master’s degree in Early Childhood Education from Hunter College. During this time, Katie worked as an assistant teacher in a Kindergarten classroom at PS 29 in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn. Katie then worked as a head teacher in a UPK classroom in Christ the King Daycare in Middle Village, Queens for one year.

Upon Katie’s last semesters at Hunter College, she student taught in a preschool classroom at Bank Street. Katie also student taught with 1st graders transitioning into 2nd grade during a summer program called the “Go Project,” working with students performing below grade level in need of academic intervention. In Katie’s last semester, she was lucky enough to be placed at PS 527 in Mr. Kevin and Ms. Heather’s Kindergarten class, an atmosphere filled with music, activities for math and writing, educational games, and a trusting environment in which children’s autonomy and regulatory skills could develop. Mr. Kevin and Ms. Heather built a sense of community and helped create an environment for the children in which they could freely talk about their feelings and know that their voices would be heard.

After student teaching, Katie became a substitute teacher at PS 527. Katie worked with Ms. Timi in 3rd grade during Ms. Nicole’s maternity leave. Katie learned so much working with 3 rd graders and watching Nicole teach before she left for maternity leave. Working at PS 527 has been such a welcoming and enlightening experience for Katie.

Katie has been lucky enough over the years to work with extremely talented teachers who all helped shape her educational philosophy of having a balanced classroom filled with play (whether it is choice time or educational games) and academics, with a strong focus on social emotional learning in which children can feel comfortable and trusting in their environment.

Katie is so grateful to continue working at PS 527 and is looking forward to the upcoming year where she will be a 1st grade assistant teacher with Ms. Heather.