Jessica Clark has been the Visual Arts teacher at PS 527 since the opening year in 2012, and has loved being a part of the growing community throughout the years. Jessica offers direct skill instruction in drawing, painting, and mixed media, along with a choice-based curriculum where students create artwork based on their own ideas, experiences, and preferred medium. You may see a cardboard dollhouse, a collaborative drawing of an imaginary city, and a hand-sewn custom backpack all in the same class. By facilitating experiences with a variety of traditional and alternative materials and methods, and exposure to contemporary, diverse artists who represent our PS 527 Values, Jessica’s goal is to nurture a lifetime love for being creative, and the courage to share and pursue one’s unique ideas and dreams. She has created an online art gallery to offer each student with a digital portfolio of their work, and she plans the annual PS 527 Spring Art Show.

Jessica’s background is in Graphic Design and Photography from the Savannah College of Art and Design. She worked as a graphic designer before enrolling in the Master of Arts in Teaching program at the School of Visual Arts in NYC. Jessica illustrated a children’s book called, “Downtown Brown’s Visit to Historic Ellicott City," and has artwork on permanent display at the Renwick Hotel in Manhattan. She has hand bound her own books and albums since childhood, which have evolved over time. Jessica travelled the country playing volleyball from sixth grade through college, which taught her many life lessons including responsibility, discipline, teamwork, and the value of pursuing fitness in mind and body.

Jessica loves to visit art museums and galleries, but her favorite artists and artwork can always be found in the Art Studio at PS 527.