Dana Thau grew up in Nanuet in Rockland County, New York. At the age of 9, her fourth grade teacher at Bardonia Elementary School first inspired her to become a teacher. This teacher's compassion, love for learning, and genuine care for her students were, and still are, the qualities Dana believed all teachers should possess. After her first summer working at a day camp at age 16, Dana was absolutely positive that this was the career path for her. In the fall of 2006, Dana entered University of Delaware's Elementary Teacher Education program to pursue her dream. While there, she studied elementary education, special education, and middle school mathematics. Beginning freshman year, Dana was entering classrooms and learning various techniques of teaching and classroom management. Within the tiny state of Delaware, she was able to see urban, suburban, and rural classroom settings over her four years in undergrad. She also was able to participate in a unique and exciting study abroad program in London, England and Edinburgh, Scotland with the education program during the winter of 2008. While abroad, she was also able to see various schools and teaching programs in these European countries, which was an experience she will never forget. After graduating from Delaware in 2010, Dana began substitute teaching in K-12 settings in her home district of Clarkstown, New York. While doing this, Dana began her Master's Degree in Literacy for students birth through grade six at Long Island University, which she completed a year later in the spring of 2012. In February 2011, Dana was offered a job teaching middle school mathematics at the New LIFE School in Bronx, New York. This is a special education school for students with learning and behavioral challenges. She finished the school year there and, shortly after, in September 2011 began a new journey at P.S. 008 in the Bronx. At P.S. 008, Dana taught in third and fourth grade special education in integrated co-teaching (ICT) settings. These years played a huge role in molding Dana into the teacher she is today. From 2011 to 2015, she taught English language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies to students with a range of abilities and disabilities, including English language learners, students with learning disabilities, students with speech and language impairments, and students with other health impairments. She continuously collaborated with other teachers and service providers to provide the best education to her students, both in general and special education. She took part in creating and designing curriculum maps for reading and writing, with focuses on both challenging her students and differentiating as needed in order to meet the Common Core Standards. Dana had the responsibility of writing Individual Education Plans (IEPs) and holding meetings with related service providers, families, and other staff. Dana came to PS 527 in 2015 and taught Third Grade for the 2015-2016 school year. Dana then went on to create the new Fourth Grade during the 2016-2017 school year. Dana is so excited to return for her fifth year at PS 527 and to again be a part of the fourth grade team!